Saturday’s In The Prep Room

On Saturday, for some reason, the funeral home prep room was slow. There was not as much work on Saturdays, yet we had a full team in place in the event that business would pick up. Often, during our weekend lull, I would volunteer to wash the vans out back – it was good excuse to get to spend some time in the sunshine. We would often all o out to lunch, usually a local BBQ restaurant. Sometimes we would all meander upstairs to the administrative offices and hang out with the Secretarial staff and join in their gossip. What do people in the funeral business gossip about? Mainly one another. Funeral directors were a hot topic. Which ones were jerks – which ones were nice, that sort of thing.

Saturdays were always a much less stressful workday than normal. I often hated them though because the day went by very slowly and would get quite boring.

~ by thatoneguy on April 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Saturday’s In The Prep Room”

  1. I hear you there! Saturdays can drag on forever, granted business is slow, my phone won’t even ring! And I one hundred percent agree with the gossip! It’s all about the “other” employees or the Directors. Dealing with more than one director in one company can become quite the feat, one tells you this and another tells you that….what is one to do?

  2. I agree with boring Saturdays, if your used to being crazy busy then thats what your Saturdays should be also. Although its nice to go out to lunch and catch up with other things going on in life.

  3. Please let me know if your blog is to remain current, as I’d like to keep up with it. It’s a great blog.

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