Dressing a Corpse

Dressing a body is not always easy.  Try it sometime.  Have someone lay flat on their back and tell them they cannot move in any way.  The must keep their arms and legs rigid and cannot help.  Then, try to put a suit or dress on them.  It’s not easy.  There are some tricks of the trade.  First, you must button the clothes in the front and layer them as if they are already on the body.  Next, you take large scissors and cut them down the back.  Finally. You drape the cloths over the body and simply tuck the clothes in around their back.  Technically, they are not fully “wearing” the clothes, but mostly have them draped over the body.  Most people don’t realize this, but it’s a pretty standard way to dress a corpse.

Depending on what the family brings, you can have to dress the body in some interesting frocks.  I was always amazed that often undergarments such as socks, underwear, bras, and undershirts were provided.  We always dressed them in these if the family brought them, even though only the outer clothes would be visible during the viewing.  If a body was badly mangled in an accident, we very often would pre-dress them in plastic clothes.  These were used to keep any fluid or gunk from escaping through their dress clothes during the funeral.

I will be describing this process on future stories, but have found a pretty good explanation of how to dress a corpse on another blog.  I hope they don’t mind me referencing their site:

Click Here 

~ by thatoneguy on September 24, 2007.

9 Responses to “Dressing a Corpse”

  1. Why is it that some bodies seem to have a boxed or square shape to them during viewings? Is it the way they are forced into the casket or is it some sort of padding under the clothes?

  2. that is NOT standard practice! that’s lazy practice and you’d be fired if you did that at my funeral home. we fully dress the deceased.

  3. Interesting what about shoes put on a corpse

  4. We never cut the deceased clothes! Imagine if a family found out during visitation, or found out at all for that matter. It’s not that hard to dress someone. Once you break the rigor it’s actually pretty easy.

    The only thing i can think of of why a body would be square shaped it because they no longer have any muscle form. There clothes doesn’t fit them right… they can be emaciated (very skinny) due to chemo or other med treatments… so you got things like their shoulder pads and stuff that won’t sit right. They’re not forced into the casket. There are special caskets for different sizes.

    I find that the shoes don’t always fit. I have made a cut along the side of a shoe to fit it directly on the foot. If not, i would simply lay them in the casket by their feet.

  5. necrophilia RULZ dude.

  6. My father just passed. I was wondering how a long sleeve shirt was put on him. Do they break bones or something???

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  8. […] Actually, pretty much *any* suit will fit you when you are buried. See "Dressing a Corpse" at Dressing a Corpse | My Funeral Stories […]

  9. Some people ask the most dumb questions!

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